Sunday, April 20

Staying Safe

It's no secret, when you download and install any application for an incentive, there is a 99% chance that it will come bundled along with some nasty spyware that can really mess up your system. A lot of people won't risk touching downloads and will stick to surveys and other tasks. Unfortunately, those people are missing out on a large chunk of potential earnings by not participating. However, there is an easy solution.

Instead of downloading and installing a questionable application to it's default location, we are going to run it in it's own isolated sandbox so nothing nasty can get into your system. The program you need to download is called Sandboxie. There is a free version which will suit all our needs.

Download and install the latest version from

With the free version you can create one Default Box. From there either select Run Any Program or drag the application into the Sandboxie window. When a program is running inside Sandboxie, the main window will show the list of programs and processes currently running. Your computer is safe from these unwanted processes and you can proceed to get credit from the offer.