Get Paid to Unlock Steam Achievements

The future is upon us.


There's a new kid in town. Is SteamPowers any good? We unpack this Steam-centric reward site in this fully loaded review.

Toolbars, Malware, Viruses and You

We show you how to take full advantage of application and toolbar downloads, all while keeping your computer protected.

A Beginner's Guide to Free Games

5 simple rules to live by that will net you 10-15 free games/month.

Wednesday, April 23

Red Orchestra 2 FREE For 24 Hours

For the next 24 hours, Red Orchestra 2 is free to download on Steam and yours to keep forever. Download from the Steam store link below to add Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad to your library. And it has trading cards!

Monday, April 21


There's a new kid in town. Is SteamPowers any good? We unpack this Steam-centric reward site in this fully loaded review.

Sunday, April 20

A Beginner's Guide to Free Games

Everyone always wants something for free. Most of the time, that something is Steam games. I don't know what it is about seeing my total number of games slowly rise that I absolutely am addicted to. Anyways, now that you know you aren't alone, lets break down some basics and get you some games.

Get Paid to Unlock Steam Achievements

Everybody always tells me how cool it would be to get paid for their ingame achievements, well now you can. Playfire, a company which tracks your game progression, has teamed up with online retailer GreenManGaming to reward you for specific game achievements. Right now the earnings are slim as the choice of games is pretty limited, but the program is still in its infancy.

Staying Safe

It's no secret, when you download and install any application for an incentive, there is a 99% chance that it will come bundled along with some nasty spyware that can really mess up your system. A lot of people won't risk touching downloads and will stick to surveys and other tasks. Unfortunately, those people are missing out on a large chunk of potential earnings by not participating. However, there is an easy solution.

Saturday, April 19

Freedom For Dummies

Let's get right down to business.

I hear it all the time. Is [insert random site] legit? Does it really work? How come I'm not getting points? I seemed to have no problem getting 10-15 free games a month from these incentive sites, known for having users complete tasks, offers and surveys. So what was happening with my friends that they couldn't replicate my results? So I created a short guide for them, breaking down how I was able to quickly game the system. I am going to give you the goods.

As it turns out with my friends and most users who sign up for the sites, they just aren't maximizing their efficiency. Simple as that.

What started as a group of friends inflating our Steam libraries and wallets, will now snowball into something greater everybody can benefit from. I'll show you how to set it up and get you on the ground running full speed. I'll also show you how to completely protect yourself from the nasty malware some of these downloads come with and still collect the rewards. We'll go over the best sites to use, and maybe some of the not so great ones. Its not all surveys and tasks, some sites even offer real cash prizes just for playing games.

All aboard the Freedom train.