Sunday, April 20

Get Paid to Unlock Steam Achievements

Everybody always tells me how cool it would be to get paid for their ingame achievements, well now you can. Playfire, a company which tracks your game progression, has teamed up with online retailer GreenManGaming to reward you for specific game achievements. Right now the earnings are slim as the choice of games is pretty limited, but the program is still in its infancy.

You can join the Beta at

If you have a GMG account, sign in with the same login. Be sure to link your Steam account to Playfire. During the week at the Playfire Blog, they will update the list of games currently offering cash rewards. Its as simple as booting up the game and completing the specific achievements. Obviously you need the games to participate, so it helps if you have a fluffy collection.

Playfire can be a bit slow to track your achievements, but it works. Once you get the credit, the amount is deposited into you GMG account. Then buy games you want from their store, or if there isn't anything you like, sell or trade your newly acquired Steam keys.

As I mention earlier, this program is a Beta and is still relatively new. It will be interesting to see if they are able to increase the amount of games in the program or perhaps even the completion rewards. Only time will tell.