Sunday, April 20

A Beginner's Guide to Free Games

Everyone always wants something for free. Most of the time, that something is Steam games. I don't know what it is about seeing my total number of games slowly rise that I absolutely am addicted to. Anyways, now that you know you aren't alone, lets break down some basics and get you some games.

1. Stay up on the trends

We strive to provide you with the best in reward and incentive sites. We only accept the highest yielding sites with the best returns. So please, do yourself a favor and stay up on the Trending Sites here at Steam Freedom. Sign up for them all and get grinding, we update that list regularly.

2. Keep your computer protected

Before you download any app, game or toolbar, go read our guide about Staying Safe and learn how to utilize Sandboxie to keep spyware and viruses of your computer.

3. Use your credit card responsibly

Many incentives want you to sign up for a free trial. They also want your credit card so they can begin to charging you once that trial is up. This can be difficult to manage for some people, because you want to keep the trial going long enough to get credit for signing up, but not long enough to get charged. The simple solution is to use your calendar or notes app on your smart phone to keep track of all your trials. Nothing can go wrong if you use your credit card responsibly.

4. Utilize website support

Sometimes you wont get credit for completing a task on a website. Either a download doesn't register or a survey doesn't go through after you complete it. Simply by taking a screenshot after you complete a task and sending it to support after not receiving credit can be very profitable. Many sites we endorse have excellent support staff that will help you get the credit you deserve or let you know what you aren't doing right.

5. Be honest

Nobody likes a liar. The most important thing is to use truthful information when you fill out surveys and questionnaires. Many times, before you receive your credit, the marketing site behind the survey will take a piece of information you gave them to corroborate with information from another source. If dependencies are detected, chances are you wont be receiving credit. Most importantly, use the same information globally. It's okay if you are using an alternative email address to avoid spam, just use that same email address every single time.