Monday, April 21


There's a new kid in town. Is SteamPowers any good? We unpack this Steam-centric reward site in this fully loaded review.

One of the first thing that new users notice about SteamPowers is the fact they offer more than just games. You can get your hands on the typical game keys and Steam wallet codes, but they also offer up Trading Cards, emoticons, DOTA, TF2 and CS:GO items. The fact that the site revolves exclusively around Steam prizes scores major points in our book, obviously.

Earning points at SteamPowers works like it does everywhere else, except you'll notice they don't have just a few offer providers, they have 15! You'll find the usual suspects like TrialPay, RadiumOne and SuperSonic among the bunch. As with any offer site, you'll want to turn off your AdBlocker, or the providers wont show up in the Earn Points section.

You'll find points are credited fairly regularly, I found no problems with most of the major offer providers. If you read the Beginner's Guide to Free Games, you'll know what to do if you don't receive your points in the allotted time.

At the time of this review, I had ordered 9 games from SteamPowers. The admin has a pretty good response time and responded to 8 of the 9 orders extremely fast. Ordering is also very conveniently set up. Instead of using a store interface on the site, you simply submit a Steam Store url, allowing you to browse for games with the Steam client which is a pretty nice touch.

Overall, SteamPowers does a couple big things that really set them apart from the rest. I find the community helpful and generally pleasant and the admin is active. Its hard to ask for much more than that, really.

Steam Freedom rates reward sites with a points based system called PAR. Payouts; the quality of return to the user, Accessibility; how the site itself functions, and Reliability; how often a user receives credit for an offer. Each category can score up to 3 points making the highest score possible on the PAR system a 9.